"The guy selling the newspapers on the streets, cold outside, sees me driving by, he’s excited. He’s like, ‘Let’s go Bulls. Get it done tonight.’ I feel like I play for that guy. When I look at the top of the arena, teams call timeout, and I see that guy who looks this big and he’s up cheering and jumping up and down, that’s the guy I play for. To me, that’s what the city represents. There are a lot of hardship and adversity in the city. When I play basketball, I want people to be proud of their team."
— Joakim Noah (via derrickmartellrose)

UPDATE: Derrick Rose was in the United Center today and was in good spirits. He wasn’t walking with any crutches and seemed upbeat about his recovery.

Derrick Rose Injures Right Knee

DaDa!" - PJ.☺️ So cute!


"Coming home last night and seeing how the fans supported me - it’s a blessing to be in the position I’m in."
— Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose’s Game Winner
New York Knicks vs Chicago Bulls - 10/31/2013

"PJ is the center of my life now and Derrick and I work together to co-parent for him. No Derrick and I are not in a relationship anymore but our friendship has always been there and will continue to grow. Even if our only purpose in life was to create our son, I’m fine with that. My son is the greatest gift I could’ve asked for."
— Mieka Reese  (via teamrosebeforehoes)